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Dead Hard Drive, No Warranty. What now?

The title says it all. I have a 1TB HDD that no longer works on any computer i test it on and it has no warranty anymore.

It would be nice if i could send it back to western digital to have them fix it for a small fee but i don't think that's the way it works.

Any help is appreciated.

Edit: There is no important data on the drive.
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  1. unfortunately repair is more expensive than new hard drives. that is why data recovery services are usually $1000+
  2. E-50 said:
    unfortunately repair is more expensive than new hard drives. that is why data recovery services are usually $1000+

    "There is no important data on the drive."
  3. Newegg has some decent deals on HDD drives.
  4. How can buying a new hard drive be cheaper than fixing a existing one? There is something seriously wrong if that's the case.

    There has to be a lot that goes into making a hard drive. They would have to buy all the raw materials, turn that crap into parts of the hard drive, pay employees to manufacture those parts into a actual hard drive or have a machine do it both of which will cost a lot of money, then pay employees to market it and sell it to a distributor for dirt cheap and then offer a 3 year warranty on top of all that and fix it for free when something goes wrong.

    Yet somehow that is all cheaper than having them replace a part.
  5. Id imagine its because they buy the stuff in bulk, and manufacture it in large groups using robots. Whereas repairing it requires actual humans to diagnose the problem, swap parts out, and give another warranty on their work.
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    If the drive is out of warranty then there is nothing you can do to fix it and it is fit for the bin and next time get a drive with a five year warranty. Before you throw it away though open it up and take out the magnets, they are great fun to play with and look on you-tube at some of the great projects people have done with dead hard drives.
  7. Perhaps you could start by telling us what you mean by "no longer works".

    Does it spin up?

    Did you drop it? Overvolt it?

    Have you examined the SMART report?

    Did you test it with Data LifeGuard?
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