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I just installed a new auxiliary SSD on my PC. However, it hasn't show up in the Windows 7 directory yet. Windows installed the driver automatically, and under device manager, it shows that the device "is working properly." What gives? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Please pardon the error in the title.
  2. Sorry for how vague my question was.

    Clarification: This disk has on it the OS from my laptop. Thus, it has already been formatted, of course. It was working fine, but I needed a larger drive in the laptop. I still want to get some data off of it, so I thought I could just add the thing to my desktop.

    Further developments:

    In "disk management," I can see the problem is that the disk is not initialized. I attempted to initialize, using the MBR style. Sadly, this attempt failed due to "an I/O error."
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