Windows 7 + gainward 6600GT

I installed the Win 7 to my PC. When I will install the graphic card driver, I red the notification:

NVIDIA Setup Error:
The NVIDIA Setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will now exit.

What is the problem? The driver is 258.96.
Thank you.
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  1. First, make sure you have the right driver for your OS (64bit vs 32bit).

    Windows 7 64bit Driver:

    Windows 7 32bit Driver:

    The drivers say they support your card:

    GeForce 6 series:
    6200 LE, 6200 A-LE, 6800 GS, 6150 LE, 6800 XE, 6800 LE, 6150SE nForce 430, 6200 TurboCache, 6150LE / Quadro NVS 210S, 6100 nForce 400, 6600 VE, 6200, 6600 GT, 6100 nForce 420, 6800 Ultra, 6700 XL, 6800 GT, 6250, 6610 XL, 6100 nForce 405, 6100, 6800 XT, 6150, 6200SE TurboCache, 6600 LE, 6500, 6800, 6800 GS/XT, 6600

    However, the error you're getting says it's a hardware issue. Which means it might not be recognizing your video card perhaps? Probably a good idea to upgrade it if you can afford to do so though. Windows 7 would probably perform better (especially with Aero on) with a more modern GPU. :)
  2. I downloaded the first, for 64-bit. But it is not work properly.
  3. Is your version of Windows 7 the 64bit version?

    If so, try these older nVidia drivers and see if it works.

    197.45 WHQL for Win 7 64bit
  4. The Windows 7 version is 64 bit. I reinstall it, downloadet once both driver, 258.96 and 197.45 but it is the same problem. But what is interesting, the Device Manager do not recognize Display Adapter. In the System Information file this is empty.
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