Hard Drive not Recognized and stops spinning

I have a Seagate 500Gb SATA hard drive. The drive doesn't bootup and is not recognized by any PC's .
I can feel it spin but then stops ... I did send it to a Data Recovery service and they did say they could recover all my data, but the fee was too steep for my budget - So I know my data can be recovered ...
Does anyone know of a Beta or trial utility I can try to use to recover my data ...
Any suggestions would be appreciated
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  1. There are plenty of recovery softwares on the web, many of them free, but absolutely none of them will work unless the drive is working properly. The software is designed to recover files that have been deleted or when the drive has been re-formatted by mistake, not recover files from a faulty or non-working drive.

    And that's why only a Data Recovery service can get the data back, they don't use the recovery software which is available to the public. They use very expensive software and expensive equipment, often opening the drive casing to access the controller board directly.

    As I said, recovery software available to you and me will only work if the drive works.
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