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Hello, im currently looking to buy a new video card after about six months to see what the prices are looking like. I do a fair amount of gaming (looking forward to Darksiders on PC) Would like to know what card would be best under $200. Ive considered HD 5670 5770. Would like to know what would benefit me more.
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  1. The BEST card in the $200 and less category is the nVidia GTX 460 (768MB). It will outperform anything else in that budget range.

    Second to that, and less expensive, is the ATI 5770.

    If your signature is current, at 1600x900 resolution even the ATI 5770 would perform very, very well for you. So going with something lesser than that would be okay for you as well. But quite frankly, your 9800GT shouldn't be doing to horribly either.

    To get your money's worth, I can't see upgrading to anything less than the ATI 5770 or GTX 460.
  2. on the home page of tomshardware, almost every month they do a "best video cards for the money" feature. Check it out.
  3. My 9800gt isnt bad at all but in some of the games i play for pc (exception of WoW) such as alpha protocol it really lags a lot same for crysis and medium settings. Is it possible to get like a 5670 and overclock to the like performance of a 5770 or something ?
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    Here's a benchmark Tom's Hardware did with the ATI 5670. They compare it to the 9800GT you already have. :)

    Benchmark Results Start Here:,2533-6.html

    Crysis Specifically:

    Yes the ATI 5670 can be overclocked, but it has HALF the Texture Units and HALF the ROPs compared to the ATI 5770. So it will not perform the same even with the same clock speeds.

    Granted the benchmark above is using January 2010 drivers, so I'm sure there's been improvement since then. But considering the ATI 5670 is basically at or just below the 9800GT, I'd say it'd be a poor choice.

    As I said earlier, to get any of your money's worth, you want an ATI 5770 or GTX 460 before it's worth spending money over what you already have.
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  6. Aaahhh i see so it would be a waste to get anything less that the 5770. Or at least thats what im getting out of this. Thanks a lot everybody!!
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