Ati mobility radeon hd 4200 starcraft 2

There is a chance my video card is not compatiable with Starcraft 2. The computer is less than a year old. While in game, the keyboard stops responding and when I hit esc it brings me to desktop. Also, I have to play on graphics low even tho my computer has 4 gigs of ram and the video card has 2 gigs ofram. I also just reformatted and still getting same issues. Please help.
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  1. the 4200 is not a video card but an integrated graphic chip with no dedicated RAM, it uses your 4GB system RAM. A cheap video card like Nvidia GT240 would make a world of difference.
  2. Oh strange, because it says aprox total memory: 1915 mb.

    If this is my laptop, is there nothing I can do?
  3. yeah, with laptops your graphics are pretty much "it is what it is" other then "gaming" laptops
  4. ^
    just like ct1615 said above...
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