PCs with cardboard cases ?

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  1. Well, it is more protection than breadboarding is:
  2. A few months back someone posted pics of their new i7 rig set up in a plastic washing basket . Everything was held in place with cable ties

    He'd lost his job after he got the other stuff and could afford to get his case

    It worked .
    But I hope he has a job now
  3. Bad idea... the cardboard shaving "stuff" will all fall into the computer.. and when you are on your computer at 2:00 in the morning and some cardboard falls into your CPU fan it will go Buzzzzzzzzzzz and it will scare the hell outta ya :)
  4. I actually think some sort of pressed-fibre (heat treated) is feasible for "commodity configs", but this particular implementation is extremely crappy (from what I can see). It might make sense for a "no child left behind", subsidized offering, if it was dirt cheap but it could easily be prettier and better.

    Some-day, it might come with a Happy Meal.
  5. Some day it might come with beer.
  6. Mr Pizza said:
    Some day it might come with beer.

    Isn't that what I just said ??
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    Ever gotten a cardboard cut from a box slipping while carrying it? Imagine that thing slipping while carrying it...
  8. Alvin Smith said:
    Isn't that what I just said ??

    No you said happy meal, beer is better :D
  9. Mr Pizza said:
    No you said happy meal, beer is better :D

    You were kind of missing my point ... beer is happy ... beer is a meal ... beer is one very happy meal !

    And ... It's not just for breakfast, any more.

    = Jeesh =
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  11. This was a rather lame thread and it is time I put it out of our misery.

    And ... since there was only one youngster, onboard, I'll just do what I always do, in these cases ... Where both the original post and all the answers are lame ...

    Pointz to the noob! (With any luck, this one won't get pinned as a "Latest Best Answer")
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