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Hello,I have an optiplex gx280 and I was wondering if I could use the case and put what ever parts in it I want
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  1. How powerful a PC are you planning to build? And is it a slim cabinet?
  2. As powerful as I can and its not a slim cabnet
  3. You arent going to want to use a GX 280, its going to be pretty tight fit and being a dell it likely wont take many standard parts. If its the mini tower the cooling is pretty poor, just spend an additional 50 and buy a good case that you will be able to reuse in the future.
  4. I agree with Hunter.
    A case is a excellent investment, and it looks to me that the gx280 is more of a office computer case, and like Hunter said, the cooling would be horrible.
    I have a Coolermaster Cm690, its wonderful. Lots of vents, and even has holes in the back for liquid cooling, you could probably find one for around $50
  5. Thanks guys,I'm gonna look into cases then
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