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Guy i need suggestion regarding the new PC i'm going to build very soon (End of this month).
Here are the specifications that i'm considering:

Processor:Intel i7 930 (Planning to overclock to 4 GHz)

MotherBoard:I've 2 motherboard in mind.
Option 1:Asus Rampage III Extreme.
Option 2:ASUS P6X58D-E.
I won't be doing SLI or crossfire right now.Maybe in future.
My personal preference is Asus Rampage III Extreme because it's got lot of USB connectivity and it seems a solid board.I've read quite a lot of reviews and have found that it's very stable and has low failure percentage.Plus i'll be overclocking my processor.I don't want to spend my $380 on a motherboard that's gonna die soon and i can't be bothered with RMA and other ***.
I want this thing to last.

CPU cooler:Noctua NH-D14. (I've already purchased this)
I know that if i purchase Corsair Dominator then i've to take off the head-spreader of on of the RAM module or i can push the 2nd fan a little up or rotate it 180 degrees.
Has anyone tried this combination before?

Option 1:CoolerMaster HAF-932.
Option 2:CoolerMaster HAF-922.

Option 1:CORSAIR XMS3 DDR3 TRIKIT 3X6G-2000 (2GBX3)

Now i'm a little confused over here.Both are 6 gig modules.But the the difference is the speed XMS3 has 2000MHz while Dominator (PC3-12800) has 1600 MHz.
I've heard that Dominator helps in overclocking and is a little bit more expensive.But does it worth it?
Which one should i go for?

Graphic Card:
eVGA GTX 480 SC+ (Already purchased this).

Right now i won't spend any money on SSD since i think their price will lower in future.

Corsair:750W TX non modular.

My native resolution is 1920x1200.

Motherboard and RAM are just 2 confusing factor.And i need help with that.Any sort of constructive suggestions are welcomed.

So guys is it going to be a good machine? I'll use it for gaming, some rendering and some other resource exhausting softwares related to Civil Engineering.
And what kinda score i can expect from benchmarking?
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  1. RAM speed makes tiny differences to over all system speed , but might help with overclocking . If you do remove a heat spreader it will probably void the warranty .
    Just follow the manual on which slots to install the three sticks in .

    Many people pay too much for motherboards . Buy one that has the features you need and dont pay more for things you will never use .
  2. +1 for Outlander...

    higher ram speeds correlate to higher CAS timings... its better to get 1600Mhz with low CAS timings that to get 2000Mhz with high CAS timings. Not to mention the 1600Mhz ram is more likely to overclock compared to 2000Mhz ram.

    If you are looking for stable motherboard, you dont always need to spend an arm and a leg, as Outlander mentioned above. While I dont have experience with the Asus boards, I do own a Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R which is a lower end model that still contains most of the features of the higher end boards. I have had alot of success overclocking with even this low end board.

    That aside, your build looks good. Though my personal preference would have buy a Sapphire HD5870. But to each their own...
  3. Still the question regarding motherboard is unanswered.What's the final verdict?

    Dominator has following specs:
    Speed: PC3-12800 Timing:7-7-7-20

    XMS3 specs are:
    Speed: PC3 16000 Timing:9-9-9-24

    So which one is better if i want to overclock?
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