Hard Drive and SSD Setup on Sabertooth Z77


I am building a new PC and am looking to get an Asus Sabertooth Z77 with an Intel Core i5 3570k and 16gb DDR3-1600 Corsair Dominator.

For the storage section I know the motherboard only has 2 Intel Sata 3 Ports, and I know its a chipset limitation. I want to avoid using the 2 extra Sata 3 ports powered by the ASMedia Controller.

I currently have

1x WD 500GB Velociraptor (For Games a larger programs)
1x 120GB Corsair Force 3 SSD (Purely for OS and small applications like Office or iTunes)
1x 2TB Seagate Barracuda (For all my files and music and stuff)

Now all of them are Sata 3, I was just going to run the SSD and the Velociraptor on the Intel Sata 3 ports with the Seagate on the Sata 2 Intel ports. BUT I am now considering getting a OCZ Vertex 3 60GB SSD to use with Intel SRT as a caching drive for the Velociraptor. I dont want to buy a larger SSD to use as a game drive due to already having the 500gb raptor and I cannot afford the price of 500gb SSD's, especially with the specs im buying for my build! Using a Cosmos 2 case is making this even more crazily expensive! But hey I only upgrade every 5 or 6 years so I dont mind :)

Now my question/issue is, can I plug the Corsair SSD and the OCZ SSD into the 2 Sata 3 ports. Then plug the Velociraptor and Seagate into the Sata 2 ports and still happily use Intel SRT to use the OCZ SSD as a cache drive for my Velociraptor drive?

I know the Velociraptor and the Seagate HD aren't going to need Sata 3 ports as they aren't fast enough to gain anything from sata 3, so is this setup going to be okay, performance wise?

Just looking on some advice, I know I have to set the BIOS to RAID mode and it has the same features as AHCI so that won't be an issue.

Looking forward to hearing your replies
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  1. I have that mb and my set up is a intel 520 ssd and a one gig seasgate data drive. the ssd has the os on it a a few games and photoshop on it and still has some room on it. for trim and data collection. I do download a lot of mmo to the data drive and test/play them. do the games open a little slower on the data drive..yes they do but if your system has the extra ram (im running 8g with windows 8). windows 8 does a great job of caching games and programs into ram. yes you can have a cache sdd to make the 500g drive a little faster...but your going to kill the ssd from all the read/writes as a cache drive. I would save your money for a better cpu/cooler or video card or a better sound card. in real world usage you may cut off a few sec of time on the 500g drive. there still going to be a delay from going from the slower hd to the raid drive.
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