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Hello, i have this problem in my laptop where the power light is off but the laptop is still working, it turns on and off, but there is no light on the power button.i also have the light on the wireless connection always on even though before, it was still blinking. even though there is no connection, the light on the wireless connection is still on. can someone help me?
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  1. Have u made any changes in the OS installation? There might be a driver issue. I would say try to download the laptop drivers and all the patches from the manufacturer's website that go with your OS, install and see what happens.
    On the other hand, if everything works OK, dont get too upset about it. Stuff like that happens.
    Has the laptop case been serviced/opened or was there an accidental spill that happened?
  2. the laptop was returned to the shop before because there was a blue screen incident. then they opened it and used an eraser or something to clean a part from the inside of the netbook. then they reformatted it and it returned to normal. and there was also an incident when the screen turned black then restart, then repair then restart then bluescreen for a split second and i just turned it off. and after a while i turned it on and everything was fine again. there was also a time when white smoke came from my netbook, it turned off then i opened it again and its back to normal. actually i am already planning to bring it to a repair shop to see what us really wrong. until now, i am still using my laptop as if nothing happened.
  3. smoke means something burned inside, which in turn means burn residue. that is high in carbon and usually a good conductor, meaning it could short something up. Taking it to the shop might actually resolve the issue if they can see what and where was the "burn". good luck!
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