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hey! i have this pc: quad Q9550, asus p5n-d n750 sli motherboard, 4gb ramm, Nvidia GeForce 9800GTX 1gb DDR3, and i was thinking to buy something like this: I7-870, 8gb ramm, GeForce GT320 1gb. i have a doubt about the processor...i know graphics is better... can u please help me decide?
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  1. ???
    I7 870 is also a Quad. Here in the meaning of having 4 cores.
    Q9550 is a quad cored proc coming from the serial Core 2 Quad LGA775, which belongs to the older generation, and I7 870 is also a quad cored proc but something from the I7 LGA1156, which is the newer one.
    But I think I understand your question...I prefer to have the I7 870 than the older Q9550.

    Please set this in mind, if you wanna upgrade your LGA775 pc:
    1. You can not use Q9550s mobos for I7 870! LGA1156 is not compatible with LGA775 mobos!
    2. Your Q9550 is paired with DDR2 RAM. I7 is on the other hand uses DDR3. Installing DDR3 RAM into a DDR2 mobo is not possible.
  2. [:bohleyk:7]

    To start with, the GT 320 is quite a bit slower than your current 9800GTX+.
    If you want a faster GPU, you would need a 5770 or GTX 460 at a minimum (Handy Little Hierarchy Chart).

    As with the above, you can not upgrade to an i7 870 without also upgrading your motherboard and RAM.
    That being said, your current Q9550 is still plenty fast enough, especially if you overclock it.
    Before dumping cash into a new platform, read through This Guide and give it a shot.

    Unless you are running some very memory intensive apps (CAD, Rendering, Video/Photo Editing, etc.) having more than 4GB or RAM will give you NO increase in performance.
    Unless you are getting it dirt cheap, don't worry about adding more for now.

    Perhaps if you start over by posting your budget and what you hope to gain from this upgrade we could help you better...
  3. I wanna say som'thin' also to your Q9550.
    I agree, it is a lot better just to upgrade the GPU and OC your your Q9550.
    Q9550 is still more than enough at this moment.There is also nothing wrong with adding more DDR2 RAM.
    320 is a relatively snail compared to your 9800, a GTX460 or better should do the trick if you decided to upgrade your GPU.
  4. If you want to upgrade your CPU then you need to upgrade your ram and mobo with it. The i7 and the Q9550 are quads.. it means to have 4 cores.. upgrade your GPU and overclock your Q9550 because a GT320 is a horrible buy.
  5. Hi!
    first i´d like to thank you for the advice.
    i know that i cand change the CPU...cause that means new PC...and that is what i was thinking to do...buy new pc...
    but the reason i want a new pc, is that i have some issues with the GPU.
    i have been playing Medal of Honor Beta, and at max. resolution works really good.
    But the GPU overheats...and i think it causes a crash... GPU temp goes to more than 80ºC ...
  6. And another question i have to ask...
    I have the Point of Wiev GeForce 9800GTX+. And i would like to add another GPU. The fact is that i didn´t found another one just like this.
    If i get an Asus GeForce 9800GTX+ , will they work togheter?
  7. I can´t find another 9800 gtx+ 1gb :(
  8. Hmmm...does the over heat happen only recently?
    If it happens only recentlyTry to clean your entire PC (inside too). Perhaps it is just dirty.
    9800gtx is somehow old, that is why you can not find it so easily, if you must replace your GPU, try to get GTX460 or higher and dump your old 9800+.
    BTW : have you tried amazon or e-bay for the GPU you want?
  9. I´ve been looking, on ebay and amazon...can´t find it...
    guess i´d better replace it...if the the store where i bought my pc can´t find one for me..
  10. i have an old 9800 GTX+ 1GB OC version from BFG. :D not for sale.
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