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I have a 80G SSD and also a 1TB internal hard drive. I'm finally running out of space on the 1TB hard drive and wanted to know what's my next option?

I use the SSD for running basic windows programs and any daily use programs that I normally need, I use the 1TB for my media (watching movies, pictures, playing video games, music).

Anyway my question is.. Is it viable to watch dvds/blurays or play video games off of a external hard drive? Should I stick with adding another internal drive? Anything important I should know before making a purchase? Like brand, model, size, speed, etc

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  1. If the external hard drive uses USB2.0 , the loading times/saving checkpoints on games could potentially be bad.
    If you are lookin for a external drive, and have a USB3.0 mobo, do try to get a USB3.0 based drive.

    Movies/TV/Music etc is completely fine on a external USB2.0 drive.
  2. Thanks for the very fast reply!

    I heard through brief internet browsing that external hard drives have a bad rap due to wear and tear with cord connectivity and having a short life span.. Is this a myth or just dependent on brand/model?

    I have plenty of room in my thermaltake lvl10 gt case for extra equipment so I definitely wouldn't mind just sticking with an internal, I'm just trying to compare the difference with price, HD size, with reliability.
  3. I'd say that most of the models from major brands are prone to 'wear and tear' and 'bad manufacturing'.

    So IMHO, look at the warranty claim clearly before buying.
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