URGENT!!!! help me to choose good psu

hey guys...sorry for my bad english

i have
c2q q9505, 2*2gb 800mhz ram, xfx 9800gtx+(later gtx 460 or hd 6870)

i had amacrox 500w psu and gave me lots of troubles and finaly died, now i'm expecting to get a new psu...and help me to choose out of these two psu's....and is it ok to stay with 500w-550w range.

these two products cost same in my country...

please tell me what is the good psu and why is it good?..(my idea is coolermaster one is good because it is gx series and 550w)..if i wrong please correct me
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  1. please post your idea...
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    That Seasonic model is any day better than that CM model.. Also, the price difference between the 520W model and the 620W model is not much so look out for it..
  3. Seasonic.
  4. Just incase you need any more convincing Seasonic :D
  5. If you're going to go Coolermaster, then get a Coolermaster Silent Pro Gold...
  6. why is that seasonic one good...because of relaibility or amperage....

    coolermaster one has more amperage on 12v 's
  8. GoldenI said:
    If you're going to go Coolermaster, then get a Coolermaster Silent Pro Gold change your mind and get the Seasonic...
  9. even the worst seasonic psu in the world would be better than the best cooler master power supply.

    way better reliabilty, quality, stability!
  10. thanks guys..
    i got seasonic one .... everything works great.....
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