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Hey guys, I've been wanting to build a pc for quite a while now so I thought I would ask for your expert advice ^^. I want to use that computer mainly as a gaming one so know I am going to have to pay quite abit but im only a student and the specs I listed at the bottem are the max price I can possibly pay. I managed to put together a computer that a think will do pretty well running the latest games.
Here are the specs :

AMD Phenom II x4 965 Black Edition

ASUS M4A785T-M (doesn't really affect gaming much does it?)

4Gb DDR3 ram, 1600 MHz

Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 6850

Havent really decided on chasis or PSU yet but working on it.

Do you guys think this rig is good enough to play games in 1920-1080? What about AA, Shadows, VSync, etc

P.S Could you guys tell me how well this game will do when it comes to running crysis or Black Ops on max settings, if it can at all?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated, thanks a lot

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  1. Get a phenom ii 955 instead and save a few bucks, a single bump in the multiplier will put it on par wih 965, 99.9% of 955's can reach 3.6ghz without touching voltages, and it'd be faster the phenom ii 970.

    Get this motherboard instead: SATA 6gb USB 3.0, think about future proofing.

    PSU --- plenty if with lots of OC, possibly even crossfire if you want to upgrade later on.

    Memory --- I'd recommend these: Very good value
  2. Thanks alot for the quick reply, really helpful info in that post. One more question concerning the monitor, I would like minimum 1920-1080 thats for sure but I dont know which brand, size or model would suite me best, any tips from you guys would be really helpful.

    Thanks alot, Holi

    Great picture quality, great price, trustable brand and good size too, HDMI input, has lots of good reviews.
  4. Thanks again for the reply, seems like a great monitor and it isnt too pricey, I think it may be the one xD
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