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PSU upgrade for current and future builds

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January 3, 2011 4:40:44 PM

Hello everyone,

My knowledge of PSU's is not very strong. I understand the basic concepts of how they work and how they distribute and regulate power, but that is about it.

Currently, I have an Antec EarthWatts 650. It is powering my current build which is a stock speed AMD phenom II 955 with 8gb of RAM on a Gigabyte 790xt-ud4. I run only 1 optical drive and currently, 1 HDD and 1 SSD. My GPU is a nVidia 570gtx. All of this is inside of a Corsair Graphite 600t

I want a new PSU, because I want one that will power my future builds, and I want one that is a little better quality, and modular is a must too.

In the future, I will either do a Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, or Bulldozer build. I am planning to do some OC'ing to ~ the 4.0 ghz range (regardless of setup). I could see myself with 2 SSDs and 2 HDDs, 16gb of RAM, another 570 in SLI and *maybe* water cooling.

Would this PSU be cutting it close in meeting my power needs? What types of components could I add before a system pushed this PSU past it's limit?

Basically I am wondering (and hoping that there isn't) any justification for this PSU.

So, is the 850w a safe bet? Any help and or thoughts are appreciated!


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January 3, 2011 5:45:17 PM

beanoslim said:
Hi Will, yes I think you are in need of 800w+ with the 4xpci-e cables to run a setup like that.

These would be my shortlist dependant on your budget.

The XFX is a great price the Gold Cert Seasonic is the pick of the bunch.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, I appreciate your response!

I like both the Corsair and the Seasonic. Budget isn't too much of an issue, less is always better though ;)  !!!

That being said, why is the Seasonic worth the extra 40 dollars? Because it is Gold certified? As I stated, I do not know much about PSU's, but I know that a Gold certified PSU is going to be more efficient than a Silver certified PSU. Is there any performance improvement the Seasonic has over the Corsair that I just am too ignorant to be aware of? Also, will the Seasonic be more quiet? Because that is a concern of mine.

Also, 850w is safe you think? No need for a 1000w or 1250w?

I really appreciate it :) 
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January 3, 2011 5:46:30 PM

Your current PSU is good enough to handle your current setup and most of your planned upgrades with the exception of adding another 570.. A system comprising of a highly overclocked processor and a couple of 570's will pull close to 750W.. Thus, an 850W unit would be the minimum you'd require.. Depending on your budget, you can opt for a more higher wattage unit too.. My recommendation (might sound strange) is to wait till you are ready to add another card in there.. On a side note, if you are using your system for gaming primarily, 8GB is quite overboard and 16 GB will be downright overkill..
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January 3, 2011 6:13:57 PM

Yeah Seasonic make some of the best psu's around but then again so do Corsair.
Like you say the Seasonic is Gold Cert so will save you money in the long term.

The Corsair actually has 6x pci-e, 70w on the 12v, 140mm fan and a huge 7yr warranty.
The Seasonic has 4x pci-e, 70w on the 12v, hybrid silent fan and 5yr warranty.

Originally the Corsair was only $10 less but is on offer, on paper apart from the Gold Cert the Corsair seems better.

Guru rec 850w for a highend overclocked 570sli setup, I think you'll be ok with a decent 850w unit.
As Empurus says you don't need the psu until you add a card so there might be some better deals around then.
January 3, 2011 6:38:25 PM

Well I do some gaming now, but mostly (in about 4 months) I will be using it for work (which is why I will probably need to go with Intel). My work will involve general heavy database searching and using CUDA to sort/arrange DNA profiles. Basically I am going to be doing whatever my brother tells me to do to aid him in his research.

Even though more than 8gb of RAM might not be needed, it will definitely not hurt :) 

Also, I do some 3D modeling and video editing and photoshopping as well.

So, I will try to decide between the 1000w and 850w!!

January 3, 2011 8:40:16 PM

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