Task manager not recognizing RAM

Hi guys!
So I bought a second stick of 4Gb RAM (I already had 1 stick of 4Gb), so that I could run iTunes
over my games.
I bought an identical stick, put it in my motherboard in the correct slot (both in the same color),
and checked the BIOS. It said the correct ammount of RAM, and that it was in dual channel mode.
Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate SP1 booted fine, and when I checked CPU-Z and DXdiag, it showed 8Gb of RAM.
But when I wanted to see how much RAM was being used in total, my task manager said this:

Physical Memory (MB)
Total 3062
Cached 716
Available 1965
Free 1384

So I thought maybe my GPU is using it as secondary VRAM, so I loaded up dxdiag again, which said I had 2288 Mb of VRAM (I have a 1Gb card).
But before I installed the extra RAM it also said that.

Also, the system tab on the control panel says 8.00Gb (2.99 GB usable).

So what's up with my computer?
I disabled superfetch already, because it annoyed me.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. I forgot to mention my specs:
    Mobo: ASRock P67 Extreme 4
    CPU: Intel Core i5 2500k
    GPU: MSI r6870 HAWK 1Gb
    RAM: 2x 4Gb ddr3 valueram from kingston @ 1333Mhz
    Windows 7 Ultimate SP1, with all drivers and updates installed.
  2. I fixed it!
    I went to MSConfig, and went to the boot tab, advanced options, and sure enough, it said: Max RAM: 4096 Mb.
    So I changed it to 8192 and now it says that all 8Gb's are usuable :D
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