Dell Inspiron 15R SE SSD HDD Port?


I'd like to upgrade my Dell Inspiron 15R SE 7520 with a SSD. Now I'm not really familiar with SSD's so I asked a friend and he said I have to look which port my laptop support and then go and look for an HD to buy. So can anyone help find that out?

Thank you in advance.
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  1. Your laptop has SATA II drive ports. For optimum performance you therefore need a SATA II SSD. A SATA III SSD is also compatible but will only operate at SATA II speed (3GB/sec max).
  2. If you are not really familiar the computer, ask your friend and watch the video before make up your mind, because you need take apart the laptop to change the SSD. And if you want to do it, just get the at least 120GB SATAIII SSD.
  3. Actually the Dell 15R SE (7520) has SATA III __NOT__ SATA II as Phil22 suggests.
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