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Setting up GTX460 SLI

Hey all, got all my parts and am starting to build. Quick question:

Setting up 2x EVGA GTX 460s on a Gigabyte UD7, any certain slot configuration better then others? and the SLI bridge thing, does it matter which way I put it on? It fits up or down facing sooooo yea...

Also, should I set it up with just one card in at first for the first bootup/windows install or will it be fine if I just plug in everything?
Thanks for the help!!
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    I'm not 100% sure (look at your MOBO manual) but you should have a couple of x16 slots, they go in there. on my board, mine are the one's closest to my CPU.

    As far as putting them both in or not? I, myself, would probably put one in and get things going then put the other one in..that's just me...

    I hope this helped?
  2. as long as you are using x8 or x16 PCIe slots and not x4, everything will be fine.

    doesn't matter how you use the SLI bridge, as long as its there.

    as for windows setup, i don't believe it would matter either way. you may run into less troubles if you go with the one card for initial setup though.
  3. I installed both cards at once, worked like a charm, reboot then make sure you enable SLI in the control panel.
  4. read further into the mobo manual, said to use PCIe slots 1 and 2 for "best results"
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