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SuperClocked or Normal?

Ok, I'm in need of a new video card. I had the BFG Nvidia 280 GTX "Overclocked out of the box" and it died after 1 year. Unfortunately BFG is now out of business. I am looking at the EVGA 470 GTX and was wondering if I should go the "Superclocked out of the box" route or just the normal route?

What are some of the reasons you would choose this route? I was told that the overclocked/superclocked don't last as long.

Here is what I am looking at:


Not superclocked:

I am not much of an overclocker at all..

Any advice is greatly appreciated...

Please don't spam this thread about the war over ATI vs NVidia....Thanks in advance!!!
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  1. Since they both come with lifetime warranty you dont need to worry about if it doesnt last quite as long as it will get replaced for free if it dies early. Its not a very significant overclock, only about 3% but its a $30 price difference so i would just go for the regular version and save that extra $30.
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    It depends on if you plan to overclock it yourself. Both cards should be able to reach about the same maximum overclock. You can definitely overclock the less expensive card to the Superclocked card's speed. So, if you plan to overclock (why not, it's easy), then go for the less expensive card. If you just want to play at stock speeds, then go for the more expensive factory overclocked version.

    With my GTX 480, I don't worry too much about overclocking because it runs all my games maxed out with no problem. When I do overclock, I use MSI Afterburner, which is simple and straightforward.
  3. You're both right on! I was going to get the lesser priced one of the two, and was looking for some advice. Which 480 do you have? I was looking at that too...but $100
  4. I have the Asus GTX 480, which is basically a reference model. Asus features "voltage tweak" software to really push the limits of overclocking, but it's really more than necessary. Only recently, different companies have been releasing models with custom cooling and overclocked base speeds. If you want the best Nvidia card, and can afford it, a GTX 480 is the way to go.

    If I were you, I would also think about getting one of the GTX 460's. They come in a wide variety of options with great performance for much less cash and will still be an upgrade over your GTX 280.
  5. Ok, that sounds fine, but right now I am using a Galaxy 465 that I bought at my local Best Buy, to test drive it...seem's to be ok...but running the MSI Afterburner, it shows my in game GPU Usage to be 77%...but the Temp is only 72 degrees Celsius and that's in, it is fine...I was just going to upgrade that for the same price from Newegg or
  6. It's actually possible the GTX 465 can unlock into a GTX 470 but then if you bought it at best buy it probably cost as much as one anyway.
    There's no reason to pay for a factory overclock. You can easily do it yourself. If I was getting a GTX 470 right now this is what I would get;
    If you really want the EVGA version then the same card is on newegg for the same price but it comes with both Just Cause 2 and Metro 2033;
  7. Ok, thanks! which would be better? Galaxy or EVGA? I myself favor EVGA as I have heard of them for a while, and they have a lifetime warranty....Galaxy, I haven't hard much about....but I do have it in and it is quiet and cool....
  8. Well the thing is these are both the reference card with the reference cooler. They only really differ in which decal is slapped on the cooler. So the decision should be made based not on the card itself but on price and your interest in the free games.
    The EVGA card does have a lifetime warranty but for a video card that is really a gimmick imo. The other card has a 3 year warranty and that should cover the useful lifetime of a card. Like if you bought a card 3 years ago and its warranty expired today you wouldn't be cursing yourself right now for not getting a longer on as the card would be outdated and weak.
  9. Just realized you said Galaxy but the card I linked is Gigabyte. Are you talking about different cards?
  10. I would say go for the EVGA for their step up/trade in program. The new second generation Fermi cards (GTX 475, 485, 490) are apparently coming out sooner than you think. With EVGA, you can easily trade up to one of the newer models once they are released.
  11. That is a good point.
  12. The trade in program only applies for the first 90 days, after that time-frame is up the user no longer has that option so its useless unless the initial card does not meet the users expectations. Just FYI =)
  13. Based on some of the reports I have seen on various websites, I think the next gen cards might just be out before that 90 day period expires. That would put us at the end of November, and the new cards should be out in plenty of time for the Holiday shopping season.
  14. I went with the EVGA 470............I love it! stays nice and cool even under a load..
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