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Hi, I have a 9800GTX+ from BFG and am wondering whether or not a 400W Seasonic power supply would suffice. It has two +12v rails each at 17 amps to combine to a max total of 34 Amps. Also if it is compatible how would I go about installing it. I already have a Molex to 6 Pin power adapter, do I just connect it to any molex connector?

Link to PSU http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817151078&cm_re=400W_seasonic-_-17-151-078-_-Product
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  1. I think you only need 24a on the 12v ramp, so you should be fine. Its recommended you need a 450w PSU but you have a Seasonic which is a good brand. Just make sure you're not running like 5 hard drive with a super overclocked CPU.

    Yes you just connect it to any molex, I would put it on a chain with no other power connection, I doubt that matters, but better safe then sorry.
  2. Yeah, I have nothing to power hungry. Amd Athlon X2, 500GB Hdd, 3GB ram, 1 fan.
  3. For the record you don't have 34A. The 12V rails combined can do 360W, or 30A. Your still good however.
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