Advantage of intel core i5 processor/AMD video ram over intel/nvidia

processor intel core i5 with AMD video ram is it ok wats the advantage of having nvidia video ram??
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  1. Yes, you can absolutely use an ATI (amd) card with an Intel CPU.

    the advantages and disadvantages are very much a matter of personal opinion, and you will get many different opinions.

    ATI (amd) cards are generally less expensive and faster more powerful cards
    nVidia cards are a bit more expensive and have better drivers that actually let them perform better than their ATI counterparts (usually)

    performance is measured in benchmark tests, which measure far beyond what a person can differentiate.

    Bottom line, either card will work equally well (plus or minus a few frames per second) pick one that works in your budget.
  2. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    If you meant advantages of Sandy Bridge CPU with either AMD/ATI GPU versus nVidia GPU then the primary advantages to nVidia GPU(s) are: Scalability (multiple GPUs), cost per FPS, 3D, PhysX, longevity, lower temps, better efficiency, etc to name a few advantages. Today...Tomorrow only testing and reviews will tell. ATI has advantages too like easier to CF, AA and higher sampling details.

    It depends on what floats your boat.
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