PSU Upgrade help.. asap if possible

Hi. Im looking for a Modular PSU for my computer for £75 or less as i currently have a 600w non-modular psu( the wires are getting in the way). I am unsure which wattage to get. Im thinking that 600w is sufficient but not totally sure
Please could you suggest a psu. I have included my computer components below and some future upgrades.

Case: CoolerMaster Storm Scout
Motherboard: Gigabyte MA770T-UD3P ( 24 pin + 8 pin power)
Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 955
RAM: 2 X 2 GB DDR3 G.Skill
Graphics: GeForce 9500GT
2 x 320gb HDD
1 x vertex 2 60 GB SSD
1 x DVD combo drive
1 x memory card reader
3 x 120mm LED fans
1 x 140mm LED fans
1 x 140mm fan
( all fans use molex connectors)

looking to upgrade to a corsair h70 in the future.. maybe an additional ssd and possibly oc to 3.5 ghz depending on cpu temps.

i was concidering the Antec Truepower New 650W

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  1. Hi shmiffy24 and welcome to Tom's forum.

    A 650W PSU is a little overkill for your current rig, but like you want a future PSU, the 650W is a good option for a new GPU and the H70. I'd go with Corsair 1st over Antec.
  2. i thought 650w would be a bit much but i am also going on the basis that some slightly more powerful psu's are cheaper. The antec seems to be slightly cheaper than modular corsairs. otherwise i would go for one. Being aa student im really pushing the boat out at £75 for a psu. so cost is everything lol
  3. Ok, the Antec is very good too, just be sure that comes with a 80 Plus Silver seal at least.
  4. the antec is a bronze seal.
  5. Much better, good choice ;)
  6. opinion on the following? its cheaper than the antec with 50w less

    Cooler Master Silent PRO 600W Modular PSU 80 plus bronze
  7. I'd keep the Antec, Cooler Master is good for cases but not for PSUs.
  8. Corsair HX650???
  9. There's nothing wrong with a Silent Pro 600, if it fits your budget go for it.
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