I7 build or wait?

So as of recently I sold my PC which was a Phenom II X3 for $650... It was a pretty good system with a SSD, lots of storage, and whatnot, but the graphics card was lacking. I felt I needed more processing power....

As of yesterday I got bored so I went to my local Frys Electronics and picked up the following:

Hitachi 2tb sata drive
Diamond Radeon 5770 1GBDDR5

I think all of this together was like $280, but theres a $20 MIR I need to fill out. I have about $1100 to play with and I have the parts above plus a nice MS wireless mouse and rosewill keyboard.

I do not play a lot of games but I have recently started playing SC2 and when Diablo 3 comes out, I wouldn't mind getting that as well. I typically use my machine for games, work, multimedia, web. Not in any specific order, but I do want to be able to run some virtualization, rendering on occasion.

I keep running into the X6 vs i7 debate....... and I am totally undecided..

If I go the i7 route then my build would consist of ....

core i7 930
sabertooth 1336 mobo
ocz gold 4gb ddr3
ocz modxstream modular ps 700 watt
ocz agility 2 or vertex 2 SSD- 60gb
acer 24 inch led monitor S243HLbmii
antec sonata or antec three hundred case

If I got the phenom route, I would go a 1090t or 1055 and everything else above with a similar spec/priced mobo. I think both system are identical in price +/- a few bucks, but thats not even worth calculating......

I could just wait for all the new technology to come out... but I hate waiting. Any suggestions?
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  1. For a workstation build x6 is by far the better value. However, the x6 processor fail pretty hard at gaming.

    If you want a balance btwn the 2, you'll really need to go Intel.
    Intel's no replacing the high end CPU's till Q3 next year, so if you want to build, should go now.

    Avoid OCZ RAM. It's very bad this generation. G SKill Ripjaw or Eco kits are a better option. DDR3 1600 7-8-7-24 kits are ~$95.

    PSU wise you can get a xfx 650W for $60 after rebate. Much better PSU.

    The asus 23.6" LCD's are a better buy. Insane deal on this 23.6" 1920 x1080 2ms one. $150 after promo code and rebate

    60gb SSD is really cutting it close.

    Case wise a CM 690 II would be a better buy.
  2. I ended up getting the

    i7 930. OC'd it to 3.6 ghz
    asus sabertooth x58
    patriot ddr3 @ 1600 - 6gb
    thermaltake modular 650 psu
    cm hyper n520 cpu cooler
    2 tb hdd
    500 gb hdd
    acer 24 inch led monitor S243HLbmii
    evga gtx460 768mb super clocked
    asus dvd/rw
    antec three hundred case

    I also plan on getting the crucial c300 sata iii 128gb ssd.

    This machine screams.......anyways, thanks for all the suggestions!
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