XP cant see DVD RW when connected through a IDE to Sata converter

I bought a new Lite-On DVD RW drive thinking it was IDE. Ehen it arrived it was SATA! Rather than send it back I bought a 2 Way IDE To SATA or SATA To IDE Converter Adapter on Ebay. I plugged the adapter into the IDE port on the computer and connected it to the drive. Connected the power cables, one to the adapter and one to the drive. The BIOS says there is "ATAPI iHAS122 C" connected to the port. When XP booted it could not see any new hardware. My computer is old and has an ABIT KT77-RAID mother board. The BIOS is updated to the last one ABIT supplied before they stopped making mother boards. Can anybody out there help or have I got to have an IDE drive or a new computer?
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  1. SATA-to-IDE converters are always suspect and even though it appears to be okay in the BIOS, it doesn't necessarily mean Windows is going to like it. You might have better luck installing a PCI SATA card which has at least one internal SATA port, instead of using an adapter.

    Then you can connect your SATA optical drive directly to the card with a standard SATA cable.

    If you'd rather not risk spending more money on a SATA card, if it's not too late get the optical drive exchanged for an IDE one.
  2. Thanks for your help. I have looked at your link and also on ebay. These cards seem to vary in price from about £5.25 toi £50.00. Is there a card you would recommend? The cheapest card at SCAN costs more than the drive did when you include postage!
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