Shift keys not working on keyboard

recently i spilt a full cup of coffee into the keyboard, and the left side keys all became stick, i took out every key and cleaned and put them back in.

everything works other then both shift keys, if it was only the left side id understand, but for both shifts to break seems a little strange, especially as when i turn stick key on and press shift 5 times that sound stick key makes happens.

any ideas if this a solvable issue , or i need a new keyboard lol
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  1. I would imagine a new keyboard is in order.
    Try drying it out in an airing cupboard for a few days, otherwise replace.
  2. You can also try to open the actual keyboard to cleanup the inside. Alternatively, if all else fail and you want one last desperate attempt before throwing the keyboard away, you can try putting it in the dishwasher (without soap as it can be abrasive) and letting it dry for a 2-3 days after.
  3. the spillage happened around a month back lol, i gave every key a clean and the insides, just the shifts never work after, both left and right which puzzles me, especially as when i press 5 times when shift keys is ion it still bleeps,

    ill try find another keyboard to test with
  4. +1 on the dishwasher. My favorite KB somehow got beer in it, and got sticky. Dishwasher to the rescue. I opened the KB to let it dry, and a day later it worked perfect again.
  5. Try changing your language and keybd back to what you use. (English and US-104 for me).
    I think your spill may have changed the default
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