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I have an internet service at home (DSL). I was wondering if I could somehow use that internet service while I am not at home, say school. This way, I don't have to pay for internet service at school, I can just use my home internet service to surf the web, play games, download, etc.

If there is a way, is there also a way to have multiple people (siblings) do the same thing, and we can all be connected, simultaneously using the home internet service? Is there a way to do this with VPNs and a VPN router?

I'm trying to not pay for internet service at school since I have home internet service. Isn't there a way you can dial-up (through VPN) to my home broadband modem or my home computer with internet access so I can access my home internet?
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  1. There is a way, by having basically a dialup server, but your limited then to dialup speeds, and the equipment is expensive.

    For VPNs, for a VPN to work, you have to have an internet connection in the first place, so really it's not possible.
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