Problems with External HDD 1TB

My Toshiba external HDD 1 TB suddenly is giving problems. It was working normally before but sometimes9like now) it doesnt connect to my comp. I attach it to the USB ports with the cable, but the white light doesnt go on and it doesnt get recognized. This happened a few days back also but suddenly it was working again. I really need the solution to this problem because I have a lot of data stored in it.
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  1. It could be the drive or the enclosure. The only way to know for sure is to buy a new enclosure and move the drive into the new enclosure.

    In the meantime, you may want to backup the data on that drive in case it decides to quit on you. Here are some external enclosures.
  2. does windows not pick it up at all?
    try this, right click my computer ->manage
    Select disk management (wait for it to load)
    then on the right select "more actions -> rescan"
    it should pick it up now, just double check that the drive is NTFS and not RAW, if it is RAW than format and reload, had the same with my EHDD and formatted no issues since then
  3. No, it didnt work. The problem is that it doesnt even get connected(the light on the hdd doesnt stay on) or recognized at all. It worked before and I dont know hy is it giving problems sometimes(this happened a few days ago but after a day or two it suddenly started working)
  4. Forget about getting a new enclosure - take the drive out of the suspect enclosure and put it directly into your computer - if it doesn't recognize it the drive is bad
  5. i would go with what Dingo7 said, take it out and test it. if it is sealed unit, see if you can connect (continue trying until it reads) then copy your data, send drive back for warranty / get new drive. try to buy HDD + enclosure separate. then you get to choose the HDD brand u want ie, seagate, WD, samsung whatever you prefer.
  6. It worked today! Just like that. But im sure that a couple of days from now, it will give me the same problem. What is the reason for this? Any permanant solution other than removing the hdd etc.?
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