2 GTX470 Only one detected

Hi i recently got 2 gtx 470's to run in an sli configuration. Right now only one is detected in windows 7 ultimate.
I have got all the updates available for windows 7. My bios was flashed to the most recent update on my
motherboard and the gtx 470's have the most recent update drivers. There is no option in the bios to enable
SLI it seems to just recognize autimaticaly when there is 2 cards. The power supply I have is way more than
capable of handling the power load. Everything I have tried has lead me no where the system just doesn't
want to recognize that there is 2 video cards installed.

Power Supply
LAZER 1000w
80plus bronze

P7P55D-E Premium motheboard

MSI NGTX470 2 of them only 1 recognized

that should be all the important info. I'm out of options on what to do. The system just fails to see both cards
in device manager. I guess I could try installing windows xp 64 bit edition to see if that is the problem.
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  1. Do you have the right motherboard model # listed ? Because according to the Asus website that motherboard is Ati crossfire not Nividia sli. ( There's all kinds of P7P55 boards-my bad!) The premium can do Sli or Crossfire!

    O.K. Do you have the bridge installed? Also I would try uninstalling the Nividia driver and running drive cleaner in safe mode and then reinstall the Nvidia drivers over again.
  2. Did you go into Contraol Panle and open NVIDIA. in that applicaiton you must enable SLI.
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