E8400 vs Q8400 for flash games

My old P4 3.0 Ghz can't handle the "heavy" flash games on the internet.
I'd like to buy a new computer. E8400 and Q8400 cost the same.
Which one will be better for flash games?
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  1. is flash gpu enabled now?
  2. E8400 is a great cpu and best for overclocking. But with games now more hungry for quadcores I think it would be best to go for that Q8400 then have it overclock to3.2ghz easily.
  3. I really, really doubt flash games need or use 4 cores.
  4. Maybe a ram increase and general tidy up of the system is more in order? :P
    defrag,get rid of old useless tat off the hdd, registry sweep etc
  5. Both E8400 and Q8400 will be more than enough for flash games, but both are pretty outdated processors. Since you are buying a new computer why not get something newer? I suggest waiting few weeks until the newly released sandy bridge processors start getting into PCs (your PC needs to be upgraded anyway).
  6. Get the quad. You know you want it.

    Flash games are not multi-threaded so they only run on 1 core. The problem is the rest of your system is also running on the 1 core you have so the quad will allow XP sp3 (assuming you have XP) all the power it needs plus extra cores for Anti-virus, Anti-malware, other apps, and etc....

    Flash video is multi-threaded btw.
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