I cannot access my external Harddrive AT ALL


my SSD drive was suddenly inaccessible after a reboot so I put my backup spindle drive into my laptop to get it started.

Because I had updated and important files I need to access from my ssd I put that into a case and plugged it into the USB port.

Now it just hangs forever trying to access it! in Computer management I can see the disk partition but not the drive letter

In windows explorer I can see drive letter assigned but when I tried to access the drive it just hangs forever. It also hangs with any other methods I try to access it (chkdsk, data recovery programs, Testdisk by CGSecurity)!!

Could anyone please help me???

Many thanks....
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  1. Seriously I have been at this for over half a day now and getting very frustrated... I read somewhere that I can create a boot disk and use that to recover some data but I don't have the details.. Has anyone tried this or have a few minutes to spare to list out the steps that I should do please?

    Thanks alot..
  2. Thanks Raff2aell3a3Ice for your help

    <1> I tried doing this but an error message comes up saying "the operation failed to complete because the disk management console view is not up-to-date" asking me to refresh the view and failing that to restart my computer. but if I refresh the view, it freezes again forever (every operation involving the external seems to freeze).

    <2> I tried using a data recovery tool but again.... the tool freeze whenever it tries to access the external ssd.....

    <3> Will I be able to recover my data AFTER I format my drive?
  3. I think the main issue is that the external ssd is locking something everytime some program tries to access it... perhaps if I can somehow remove this lock I might be able to attempt a data recovery....

    does anyone know how I can stop it from freezing?

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