Newegg RMA Issues (Please Help)

I bought a AMD Phenom II x4 965 Black Edition Processor from Newegg, however I had to RMA it. I sent it back, and Newegg sent me a new one, however the new processor I received had a number of issues with it right out of the box.

Issue 1: When I first open the box the HSF (Heat Sink Fan) has a substance around where the stock thermal pad is applied. However what bugs me is that there are fingerprints where this substance is. A brand new processor shouldn't have greased fingerprints on 1/3 of the HSF. ( I will soon post pictures of this asap)

Issue 2: The paper work that comes with it lacks AMD's Certificate of authenticity (There is no special sticker with the cpus's serial number. The first processor I had to RMA back to newegg had this sticker on the paperwork. Instead the paperwork just says record serial number here in plan black and white text

Issue 3: Also The box is suppose to have an sticker on the outside that is identical to the one that is suppose to be on the paperwork that comes with the processor. The first processor had this sticker on the box and the paperwork. However the replacement for it does not.
The link below shows what sticker I am talking about in Issue 3 and Issue 2: (NOTE the sticker I am referring to is on top of the box...the one with the bar code)

Issue 4: The fan that comes with the Heat Sink is different than the fan that came with the cpu I had to RMA. The fan of the new cpu I just got has no AMD label in the center of it, but instead has what look likes a product or serial code (bunch of letters and numbers)
The Link shows what sticker the first cpu had, but the replacement lacks:

Issue 5: The Head Sink is physically different from the first processor I had to RMA. Specifically the copper plate on the bottom of the HeatSink. The copper part of the heatsink of the replacement cpu is rectangle, while the cpu that I RMAed is rectangle, but has circular little nubs that stick out on the corners
The link below of a Phenom 955 (NOTE I bought a 965) shows what I mean...the first processor that I had to RMA looks like the one on the right while the one on the left is what the processor I just got as a replacement looks like:,0101-206355-0-2-3-1-jpg-.html

My Theory is this could be a counterfeit AMD cpu. I know newegg sold some counterfeit Intel i7 processors, which newegg has since resolved with its customers. I'm not saying 100% that the replacement cpu I got is counterfeit, but its and idea. However Issues #2-5 could be due to the fact that the cpu I received was an earlier version of the Phenom II x4 965, but there is no excuse for the Issue #1 (greased fingerprints on a new cpu)

I requested another RMA which newegg issued to me, but have not sent it in yet because I posted this question as soon as I opened my packaged, and as I said I will soon post pictures of the greased fingerprints and of the issues. I am a first time customer of newegg, and so far I am not satisfied. I know newegg is suppose to be the best, but I'm starting to regret spending 850.00 on an entire new build at newegg when I don't even know if the other parts of my system work since I have yet been able to test my pc due to the fact I have been unable to get a quality cpu. Sorry about the ranting but having to wait 20+ days after first purchasing products form newegg is testing my patience.

I just want some ideas of could this be the issues, and if not what could be the reasons for these issues. Let me know what you think please.
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  1. Very odd, just wondering why did you RMA the first one?
  2. Snipergod87 said:
    Very odd, just wondering why did you RMA the first one?

    cpu arrived with bent pins
  3. As a Newegg customer of several years, I've had my share of issues with the products I've ordered. I have ALWAYS found their customer support to be excellent if one simply discusses their concern of a product they've received (or not received) from them.

    Before you send in the new RMA, I would recommend contacting Newegg customer support directly. Have all your information readily available (Customer ID #, Original Order #, Initial RMA #, New RMA #, Product ID#, etc). I'd also probably upload the images of the fingerprinted CPU/HSF to some free image sharing site like Photobucket or ImageShack, so you can provide an image which details your concerns.

    When contacting Newegg (or any customer service, for that matter), follow this simple rule: Act like a child, be treated like a child. Act like a professional, be treated like a professional. Be polite and courteous, but also be firm in explaining when you RMA'd the original processor, it was your understanding that you would receive a "new" unit and not an obvious "open box" unit. If you show them you've done your research, you know what you're talking about, have evidence to back up your claim AND are still polite and courteous about it, you will probably receive some concession if not exactly what you want.

    Anyway, that's been my experience. This is the reason I am a loyal Newegg customer. I hope this helps you with your experience.

    -Wolf sends
  4. Dear Kobalt762,

    I would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. I would be more than happy to review this item and provide a return if you require one. Please contact me at your earliest convenience at : or call me at 1800-390-1119 ext 25062.
    We certainly value our customers satisfaction, we look forward to your reply.

    Thank you,
  5. Newegg SUCKS. DON'T BUY FROM THESE CROOKS! I RMAed a TV that didn't work and they told me it was damaged in shipping so too bad, my loss. I'll never buy from these crooks again. They don't stand behind what they sell so they dump junk on consumers and pitch the blame to someone else.
  6. Dear mdmbaby,
    I’m sorry to hear that your recent return experience was anything less that excellent. Unfortunately, I can only speculate as to the reason this occurred as you described without additional order information. I encourage you to please PM me with the Sales order number associated with this item’s return to investigate what occurred and how to best remedy this situation.

    Thank you,
  7. NEWEGG - Why do you even try to post BS like this that I didn't provide enough information to get this resolved! I've been on the phone multiple times, sent multiple messages and your customer service just tells me the same thing. The shipper is responsible so you won't take it back or hold any accountability for the defective product that you sold me. I've now lost over $400 on the defective TV plus the shipping cost back to you. So STOP posting BS like you care and will get this resolved when you've stonewalled me for the past month with your so called "Customer Service" and 100% satisfaction guarantee.
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