5570 gddr3 in crossfire vs single 5770

hi guys,
if i use a single 5770 gddr5 is better for me or if i use two 5570's gddr3 in crossfire is better?
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  1. One 5770 is enough.
  2. This depends on your resolution. Plus make sure your PSU and Motherboard can even handle CF'ed 5570s
  3. A 5570 is half of a 5770 in everything except for the memory interface, and is clocked slower, since CF only has about 80% scaling you will get quite a bit better performance from a single 5770 than from 2 5570s. In general a single faster card is better than two slower card to start with, as it lets you add a second on in the future to boost performance down the line.
  4. A single powerful card is better, so go with HD5770...
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