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It's been awhile since building my own rig and have been really outdated on the new. The purpose of this new rig I'm building is not for gaming but possibly down the line. I'm simply looking for a full HD capabilities browsing the web and watching BluRay. Best value and heat is a factor. I'm planning to support it using an i7 920, 930, or 940.

Cost range: Not above $500.00.

Any suggestions is appreciated. Thx in advance!
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  1. BTW I searched the forums on the topic but they were over a year old. I'm in search of the latest and greatest. Thx.
  2. EVGA 015-P3-1480-AR GeForceGTX 480 1536MB hands down

    500$ are really tasty. (and it^ costs less than that).

  3. You COULD get a gaming graphics card for 500 dollars.

    That will be good enough for what you need it for, hell you could probably do with less then that.
  4. ^ Puny card :P
  5. Yeah but it eats web browsing and Blue-Ray viewing for breakfast.

  6. Thx for the suggestions both of you. Fetal, as you suggested would that even make a difference viewing BluRay vs what HellTech suggested? I'd buy it but my question is would it benefit me at all? Damn they don't make these like they did 10 yrs ago. LOL. I can see that it be good if I SLI in the future though or even convert into a gamer
  7. I wrote keeping your dollars in view. don't blame me...
  8. Lol. Thx buddy. I'll actually consider it. I want top notch! Thx thx.
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    The HD5670 is indeed the most you should consider for home theater use. Outside of gaming you will see no benefit from a more powerful or expensive card. All you will have is a lighter wallet and a higher power bill.
    If you want something that will allow you to do some decent gaming at 1080p down the line but be low/power/heat noise in the meantime then the HD5770 would be a good choice;
  10. ^ ahan so above that card, all technology is crap?, of no use. lmao. i see.
  11. techguido said:
    Lol. Thx buddy. I'll actually consider it. I want top notch! Thx thx.

    Do not consider the GTX 480. It is a very high end gaming card that is expensive, power hungry, hot and loud. It is entirely unsuited to your purposes and even if you were a gamer it is very poorly priced compared to other cards.
  12. Fetal said:
    ^ ahan so above that card, all technology is crap?, of no use. lmao. i see.

    Reread my post and/or learn english. I'm not going to be baited into arguing with someone who can't understand what I'm saying.
  13. i know what you are, not new here.
  14. Oh yeah, I guess I should have said that, if you DO want to dive into gaming and want a decent card for light gaming the 5770 would be a good choice, as jyjjy said. However, if you don't want to do gaming the card I chose should be perfect for you.
  15. Very informative by all. Thx all. This forum is very active indeed. I'm glad I've joined this community.
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