Will this graphics card work with my motherboard?

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  1. Yes, that motherboard is even SLI capable and can run two of those cards at once.
    The better questions would be;
    1) Whether or not your power supply can handle the card
    2) Whether or not your processor is good enough to use the card to its full potential
    3) Whether or not the card is appropriate for you monitor's native resolution
  2. BTW I would recommend this version of the card instead;
    It is a better brand and has better cooling.
  3. Thank you SO much. Truth is I already bought the gigabyte version of the card, and was panicking as I had not checked beforehand. But I have an Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3.0ghz processor, 4GB RAM DDR2, and 680W PSU. So I should be able to do well with what I have.

    Thanks again
  4. The card should do well in that system. OCing the processor a bit would be a decent idea but even at stock it is still alright.
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