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So I have all my other components ready to go, but don't have a gpu yet. I've decided on the 460 1gb, but with a catch. I can get the Asus 460 1GB in stock clocks or Top model for the same price. The difference is i can get the stock clock delivered immediately and the top model has an unknown eta. So the question is do i order the top model, and get a cheapo getmebyfornow card until it comes in(or try to borrow one), or do i order the stock clock one and put it to use right away?
Which card would be better in the long run? If I plan to go sli in the future, whats the likeliness that a top model will still be available? If ones not and I'm forced to get a stock clock, it somewhat negates the effects of the oc'd card. If I stay single card, then I guess the oc'd version would be best.
Games will be played @ 1080p on 24" LCD and later moved up to a monitor/40"+HDTV. Any info would be great. I'm driving myself crazy trying to figure this out. so close to being able to assemble my new rig, just down to the last minute things. Thanks.
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  1. No need to buy a superclocked/OC card, get the normal version, you always OC it by yourself...
    No need to spend more money to something that you can do it by yourself... :)
  2. ^+1, don't bother with the Asus TOP versions to be honest. It's a 25 MHz o/c on the core, 50 MHz on the shaders and 20 MHz on the memory. (80 MHz effective) Something you could do very easily, and the TOP version would show little if not no performance boost over the stock versions.
  3. :lol: That 8400GS is 10 bucks after MIR...
  4. The standard GTX 460 1GB is perfectly fine. A 25Mhz OC is basically nothing when it comes down to it. ;)

    If you have a choice, the MSI Cyclone is the (or at least one of) best GTX 460 out there. Cools quite well.
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