White SATA drd/rw

Hi all,
A friend has a white case on his new desktop build and is now looking for a white dvd/rw optical drive that is SATA.

We have both been searching for awhile now and still not managed to come across one for a reasonable price.

just wondered if anyone had an idea where i could pick one up from or any information on these.

We found one but it was 57.99 from the uk and seems too much for an optical drive while the black one was only 17.99, just needs to be basic nothing special.

many thanks
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  1. why wont you spray paint it white and install it in the case
  2. yeah thought about that but not too handy with spray paint, well we have found a few beige ones and they are just off white and he seems happy with that.

    thanks for the help
  3. no problem. some non OEM optical disks will come with a second white front plate...i looked on newegg pics of products and I could not find one
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