ASUS Rampage III Extreme

Im getting the Asus Rampage 3EX , and the CPU im getting is the intel i7 960 cpu

Will Corsair Dominator GT DDR3 2000MHz 12GB (Kit w/3x 4GB XMS3 DHX, CL9-10-9-27, for Core i7, w/Fan& Connector, 1.65v) those mem bricks work with my setup? I'v read that the Rampage 3EX dosen't support 2000Mhz memory speed, and read other placec that i should work just fine, so i need to ask to make sure im getting the right ram for this PC

And it well be used for both clocking and hard end gaming
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  1. The board only supports up to 1600MHz natively, but does support OC rates above 2000MHz.

    So yes, the RAM will work, as long as you OC it. Which you said you are.
  2. Well im getting this ring mostly for gaming and to actually start and learn the magic of clocking, And as the RAM is natively 2000Mhz ill need to clock it up to wich number to get it running stable?
  3. And im sorry if i ask "stupid" questions, but i might need a "walkthrough" on how much to clock and where :P
  4. Before you touch anything to do with clocking make sure you have adequate cooling. A non standard CPU Cooler, case with *lots* of airflow... Failure to keep your equipment properly cooled will result in crashes, hangs, poor performance and possibly ruined equipment. And since warranty's are voided by OCing it can be risky.

    the RAM will run stable at either 1600MHz or 2000MHz. What I do when clocking is increase it by small amounts, and let it run for an hour or so and check to see how my temps are doing. Then stress test it (usually playing a game) while monitoring temps.

    If you have specific questions about clocking, I would suggest the OverClocking thread, as there are guys there that should be able to give you exact numbers.
  5. thanks for the reply! :D I'll go and check the thread out!
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