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My roommate is considering either buying a desktop or having me build him one and buying the parts. He is a gamer and does no video/sound editing, all he wants is Call of Duty and the like to look pretty. Would it be cheaper to buy it or make it?

My proposal for his needs were this:

5770 graphics card-$140
Corsair 750 watt psu-$110
P55A-UD3 motherboard-$130
4 GB DDR3 RAM-$110
1 TB F3 Spinpoint harddrive- $70
I5-750 processor-$190
Optical drive-$20
and some crappy case-$30
Total= $800, not including Windows 7, monitor and keyboard/mouse.

Is this overkill? He's a broke college student like me, so any budget cuts that will keep the game running smoothly are welcome.

EDIT: This system will not be built for up to 6 months from now. I'm just getting a general idea for now
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  1. no that's not overkill at all
    you won't need a 750 watt psu
    you'd probably want to wait a bit though because ati's coming out with their new line of graphics cards in the next month which would come with a price drop of older graphics cards
    you didn't specify a cpu cooler.... i guess the stock intel would be good enough if he's not doing anything crazy
    you probably want to get a case that's better than that because a bad case can lead to terrible overheating
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    Here's a build for you at $750ish for a i5-760.

    i5-760 with Rosewill Destroyer case: $241.98
    I got this because the i5-750 didn't have this combo.

    1 Rosewill blue LED case fan (put in the side panel): $5.99

    Coolermaster Hyper 212+ heatsink/fan. $29.99
    use this if you want to overclock

    Sparkle GTX 460 1GB: $219.99. $20MIR
    This has a lifetime warranty.

    Mushkin Enhanced DDR3-1600 4 GB RAM: $83.99. $15 MIR

    EVGA P55 microatx motherboard. $89.99. $20 MIR
    Cheapest SLI/Crossfire capable intel motherboard.

    Seagate Barraccuda 1 Tb Hard drive: $69.99
    Its $5 cheaper than samsung this month.

    LG 22x DVD Burner: $16.99
    Cheap, reliable.

    Total: $758.91
    Shipping: $9.03
    Grand total: $767.94

    Less $24.00 in Promos (End 10/11)

    Less $55 in mail in rebates
    $696.94 final total.

    after the rebates you have enough to squeak just over budget with a second 1 GB GTX 460

    A note: it jumps up to $798.90 for 2 GTS 450s in SLI, which beats out a GTX 470 in raw power, if you want to go that route and stay under 800
  3. Thanks to both of you. I might go that route that screwysqrl mentioned, having a better case and stuff for $100 less sounds like something my roommate would be interested in. Definitely won't add a second graphics card if there's a 460 in it, as I said, he only needs it for CoD and other games that might be FPS's. It's kind of a pain for him to use my laptop for CoD, minimal settings aren't so great. With a monitor, Windows 7 and everything necessary, I want it to stay under $1000, so that set up should work fine, thanks again
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  5. screwysqrl forgot a psu.....
  6. sadly, yes, but for $49.00 more (well within budget after the discounts & rebates) a Seasonic 420W is available
  7. 420 w enough?
  8. actually, get this one:

    its $49.99, 80+ Bronze, and 500W, and basically just like the Xigmatek that got rave reviews in the sub $75 PSU read a few days ago in this Tom's article:,2746.html
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