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How's it going? I'm in the process of building a new PC. This will only be the second computer I've built from scratch. I'm buying a much nicer setup this time around; and so before I buy, I was hoping the TH community would double check my work. I just want to make sure that everything is compatible. One trouble spot may be the mobo and ram. The memory standard on the mobo is 1600(OC)/1333. The ram I picked out is base 1600. Will these be compatible, or will I need to select new ram? Please take a look at the rest of the setup as well. Thanks TH!

2x GPU:

Edit: Haven't picked out a HDD yet. Sata2 right? Thanks.
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  1. it all works......

    Dude.. if this is a gaming build get an i5 because this is a mistake if you aren't editing or something.

    Get a better, newer case. Like the HAF 932/942(X)
  2. I'd recommend the ASUS Sabertooth for a motherboard.

    I also agree with all of Mr Pizza's comments (though if you don't mind spending the money for minuscule performance increases, then go with the i7 by all means).

    Honestly though, I'd drop to an i5-760 and use the money saved on CPU, RAM, and mobo for some better GPUs (GTX 470s or wait for the new AMD 6xxx). As it is, your system is a little unbalanced towards CPU and you leave yourself with no graphics upgrade path beyond buying new graphics cards since you can't tri-SLI the 460s.
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