What processor do you recommend. Xeon or I7 for Professional High Definition Digital Editing with Avid Media Copmposer 5 or CS5 Adobe Premire Pro?
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  1. What's your budget?
  2. The i7 will do a good job.......... faster and better.
  3. i would recomend the i7 because it will do a great job and it a great bang for the buck but even in the i7 there are various options like the i7 870 to the i7980x so tell me your budget and i will tell you which i7 processer you should get
  4. If you're using CS5 then get something like a i7 950 for some good CPU grunt power and also get a GTX 460 2GB for running the Mercury Playback Engine in CUDA mode (minor config hack required - easy to do though so Google it).
  5. Dont the new Sandy Bridge CPU's have hardware encoding/ transcoding and rock at video editing?
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