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Nviea 9500 display issues with windows 7 x64bit

Hello, i have a 9500 GT nvidea card that as far as i know is still relatively current installed in the PCI-E slot on a 3 core AMD system and i cant seem to get W7 to allow my card to run I get this from the cards property page "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)"
and ive already tried all the easy known q7uick fixes (uninstall / let w7 search for it / reinstall )same card ran fine with XP x64 btw it wouldnt run on vista x64 either but is ok on the 32 bit vista and w7. any one have a tested fix for this ?
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  1. I'm using a 9500GT on W7 64 with the 259.31 drivers, so it might be a hardware issue with the card but if it runs fine on the other OS's then it's just a software issue.
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    I suggest you download the current drivers from Nvidia and install them to see if that fixes your problem. The link is below:

    Good luck!
  3. thank you will try the suggested drivers and let you know the results
  4. thank you very much colgeek that driver appears to be working ok not sure if the nvidea control panel will kind of taking things as i need them with this and in my own defense when i searched for the driver for my card that isnt the one that was recommended by nvidea ty again
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