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i jest rebuilt a pc dew to some troagn virus and outher probroms . what id like to do is have win 7 on 2 hdds so if one gos i have back up . the next thing id like i to only have the files i save to favorites to its own hdd atm i have 2 sata hdds in my pc one has win 7 465 gb and one 74 gig that only has eq2 on it . i have a 3ed sata 320 id like to put in for a 2ed win 7 hdd and add anouther 1 or 2 for files ? is this a crazy idea or even poasble and how hard would this all be ?

so if this is easy anuff how would i do it
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  1. if you use google chrome your favorites will be saved on your gmail account so when you download chrome onto the new pc and log in into your gmail the favorite bar will show your old favorites
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    Internet Explorer - C:\Users\your_username\Favorites
    Google Chrome - Ctrl + Shift + O > Organize - Export bookmarks to HTML file
    Mozilla Firefox - Ctrl + Shift + B > Import and Backup - Export bookmarks to HTML
  3. this is all on the new pc no old pc old pc hdd dead but i been saving lots of serches in my favorites but id like to change how they are saved so if i crash again ill have planty of back up
    so would i want to go for a raid set up on 2 hdds for win 7 os and jest install anouther hdd for favorites or it need to be raid all the way ?

    im useing win 7 with internet exploer google as my defalt home searh no chrome
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