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Can I sli a gts 250 with a 8800 gts if they both have 512mb ram?

Hey, i was wondering if i could take my current graphics card (an 8800gts 512mb) and sli it with a gts 250. I know that the gts 250 is a newer card, but from what i understand they're (for the most part) the same gpu. So what it be possible to sli these two cards and give life anew to an aging system?
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  1. I don't think you can use them in SLi in the common sense, The 8800GTS would be used for PhysX and the 250GTS would be used as the main graphics card as I understand(according to a quick google)

    Keeping in mind that you might need a new PSU and/or Motherboard to support the SLi setup.
  2. In theory you should be able to but the reality is that it may only work with the 9800GTX (which has Hybrid Power) so unless you want to play about with flashing BIOS's I'd give it a miss if I were you.
  3. thanks man! yeah i know i would need a half decent power supply, i have a 650 watt right now and that should do it, i only have a q6600 cpu.
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  5. A good quality 600-650w PSU is all that you would need for a GTS250 SLi setup.
  6. so it could be possible to sli a 8800 gts and a 9800gtx?
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    so it could be possible to sli a 8800 gts and a 9800gtx?

    If you flashed the BIOS of the 9800GTX to that of the 8800GTS it should work but I don't think it can be done the other way around as in GTS to a GTX, this is just stuff gleaned from a lot of random forum posts and I can't attest to whether it will actually work or not.
  8. I'd Recommend an upgrade to new technology myself, Get a 5770 or greater. It's worth it for future proofing and it doesn't require a PSU upgrade
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