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Hello- I'm ready to upgrade my old XP Pro SP3 machine and I need some direction with a CPU cooler package.
The machine is an old Compaq Presario SR1426NX Mid Tower desk top (mATX Form factor) and I am replacing the mobo, HDD, CPU, and Graphics Card. I have purchased an ASUS M4A88TD-M/USB3.0 mobo, AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE (Retail) CPU, and have a new WD VelociRaptor 45OGB/32MB Cache SATA 6Gbps HDD. I want to keep the case and 450w Corsair PSU for now. I would like to run the Corsair A50 or A70 series cooler, but am not sure that it'll fit the case with the top mount PSU. Could someone please advise me to an effective way to achieve the CPU cooling I need, without going to an ATX case? I have heard nothing but bad news about the AMD HSF that comes in the retail box, and besides, the plastic snap retainers, at a glance, appear suspect from a design standpoint.
Also, I know the 450w PSU is going to be borderline, especially if I go with the ATI 5000 series GPU.
Hey, I thank everyone in advance for their advice/opinions- Have a good day! :)
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  1. Well you could try the coolermaster V8 or the some of the aftermarket coolers in the Coolermaster or Zalman range. Please never buy Arctic. it will make your computer extremlyhot. As for everything else, does the connectors from the case match the motherboards? I have done a mod before on an old compaq Case to accomodate a new board which worked. How many fans can the case take? the more fans , the better, just remember , front is intake , back is exhaust. You could also try the coolermaster Hyper 101
  2. What is the height between the mobo and the case wall? I think that may be the deciding factor on how large you can go with your heat sink if it is air cooled. The A-70, for example, is 6.3 inches tall, and that would be a tight (but not necessarily impossible) fit for most mid-tower cases.
  3. Thanks everybody, for your response!
    Snet: I'm not sure I understand what you mean regarding the connector match-up.
    With the Corsair A50 and A70 series coolers, I did notice that the photos for
    illustrating the installation(s) of these units did show a low mount PCU. I have
    inquired through Corsair Tech Support for a solution.
    eloric: I suppose with some fore thought, anything is feasible. With my design and
    engineering background, a tape measure, and a die grinder w/ cut-off wheel,
    we could get I like the Corsair Hydro series units, but am rather
    sure the radiator couldn't be contained within the confines of the case.
    On an extreme level, I have even thought of design and fabricating our own
    case from carbon fiber. We have the capacity to do this in house. In doing
    this, we could establish a particular and efficient cross flow cooling path and
    locate the components in an efficient array. As usual, time is always the issue.
    I am grateful for the wealth of knowledge available here. Thanks to all for the advice and support.
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    I was serious when I said get out a ruler. Even better if you have one with those metric measurements so you don't have to remember 2.54. Frostytech is a great site for heatsink comparisons. Here is a low profile Zalman that was suggested earlier for $50. The Shuriken recommended by malmental shows up as a low profile on the "quiet" list.

    Carbon fiber does, however, sound interesting. I am working in wood at the moment, myself.
  5. Just a warning , stay away from arctic , they not so effective and the cheap design is misleading, especially the fans and the heatsink design
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