Any difference for GAMING??

30 GB Corsair Nova 2 SATA II 3.0Gb/s SSD - 270MB/s Read & 220MB/s Write (Single Drive) [-3]

OR for 3 dollars more

64GB SanDisk SATA III 6.0Gb/s SSD - 490 MB/s Read & 240 MB/s Write
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  1. Why not get the 64GB SanDisk ? Even if 3 dollars more you can have 1) double the storage space. 2) SATAIII.
  2. A SSD will slow down as it nears 90% full.
    30gb is simply too small, even just for the OS.
    60gb would be minimum.

    For gaming, I would suggest 120gb. That will hold the os and several games. The main benefit from gaming would be faster level loads and checkpoints.
  3. If you only play a couple games at a time, and/or have few applications, you might get by for a while with 64GB, but you will soon wish you had bought a bigger one. Depending on how many programs (including games) you'd like to have on it, I recommend a minimum of 80GB if you want a SSD, and realistically 120GB-128GB is a lot more comfortable. Otherwise, you will frequently need to shuffle applications around, which is a bigger waste of time than what you might be saving with the SSD in the first place.
  4. Well its not going to improve your gaming other then loading faster. The SanDisk is much faster and has more space. As long as your motherboard supports SATA III, you'll be set.
  5. As above, for just gaming, it's pretty much faster loading/saving you'll see.

    Try to get something in the 64-120GB range (120 recommended).
  6. im asking because, what if i add one of those plus a 1TB HDD ..

    * Intel Smart Response Technology combines SSD and Standard HDDs into a single volume for fast performance while maintaining large storage capacities. Intel Smart Response Technology utilizes a portion of your SSD drive for caching frequently used applications to improve your overall system performance and responsiveness. A minimum of 20GB of SSD storage space will be used and dedicated to caching but allocated cache size is adjustable. By utilizing the Intel Smart Response Technology, your system response will outperform HDD-only systems by up to 60%!
    * CyberPowerPC recommendeds the purchase of an operating system with Intel Smart Response Technology!

    its off of cyberpower, so im wondering if its worth the 60 dollars.. otherwise ill wait a few months before picking up a 120GB SSD..
  7. If you are only going to use it for SRT (essentially to cache a mechanical HDD), a smaller one is fine; in fact afaik SRT is limited to 32GB.
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