3 computers (XP, Vista, 7) need to share identical files. Suggestions?

I have three computers at home that are all running different operating systems – Windows XP, Vista and 7. I mainly work on the Windows 7 machine, but on the weekends and some other miscellaneous times I need to work on the other computers. A few months ago I copied everything from the Windows 7 machine to the other two computers. Sometimes I will make small edits here and there to specific files while using the various computers, but then forget to copy the updated files to the other computers. Keeping abreast of the changes and ensuring that each computer is on the same page is proving to be more than I can handle. I am sure there is a simple solution to my problem, but I am not sure what hardware options are available. I was doing some research online and came across NAS servers. Any advice on how best to handle my situation would be greatly appreciated. I believe it pertinent to state that I currently reside in China and therefore any solutions that you proffer hopefully do not require me to connect to international websites as the constant availability and reliability of those websites cannot be guaranteed from my location. Thanks!

In summary; I have three computers which I regularly use. The computers run Windows XP, Vista and 7. Need to have some kind of system where I can easily access the same files from the various computers, and where file edits while working on one computer will immediately be reflected on the others. Cannot rely on international websites as website restriction is a routine fact of life where I live.

Thanks again!

I’m not a very technology-savvy person (at least not compared to the members of this community), so if more information is required I’ll be happy to provide it.
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  1. Please see the following articles. Pick your newest machine to be the file server and have all the other machines access it. That way there is only one version of a file shared between the machines. A NAS would do the trick as well. Regardless of which route you go, back your data up to an external or one of the older machines.


  2. I use bvckup for simple file syncing. It works fine.

  3. Thanks everyone!

    @Hawkeye22, I had a look at bvckup, but I keep getting an error message after installing it. However that seems like a nifty little program if only it would work properly for me!

    @J_E_D_70 and Jim_L9, I'm looking into those solutions and will provide an update once I've managed to follow all the steps. Btw J_E_D_70, any recommendations on a NAS server? I'm looking for something on the cheap end as I don't have extremely large storage needs. Maybe 1TB will suffice, but 2 would be better. I generally deal with Word, Excel and videos if that helps...
  4. fatw41 said:
    @Hawkeye22, I had a look at bvckup, but I keep getting an error message after installing it. However that seems like a nifty little program if only it would work properly for me!

    Wow, bummer. I don't think I've ever seen bvckup fail before. Sorry that didn't work for you.
  5. Sorry man, no personal experience with the NAS. Given the infrequency I access the central files from the other computers, I opted to just stick with file sharing.
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