Will we have to buy new GPU for 3D?

Will our GXTs work well with 3D games?

I ask becuse I am thinging about upgrading my SLI GTX 280s to SLI 460s.
However I dont want to do this if they wont work with 3D.
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  1. You already has SLI GTX 280??
    That's more than enough to play any games recently with decent setting...
    The rest of your specs are good.

    Do you have a problem when playing games? lags? choppy? errors?
  2. I dont have a problem but was wondering if 3D games will require new GPU's?

    My next upgrade will be an SSD (128 g) for OS.
    I expect that 3D games will need a new monitor, glasses and GPUs?
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    Yes, you'll need a 3D monitor (120Hz), 3d glasses and Nvidia cards.
    Your GTX280 is already support 3D vision...
  4. Is there any place I can get a list of screen that support 3d vision? or the only ones are the one that nvidia has on their page?
  5. you have two great cards there and they WILL support 3D vision and great 3D gaming!!

    here is an option that is a great value for money and excellent for gaming (personally speaking), the bundle also comes with 3D vision glasses... its the only thing you need now to enjoy 3D gaming!!

    just my thought

  6. ^+1
    That LCD is support 3D vision and also comes with 3D glasses...
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