GTX 460 SLi setup

Help MSi P55 Board rejects my Palit 768GB GTX 460 SLi setup

It will only let me away with one card driving and also the other 460 as PhysX.

I have tried enabling SLi however fine, but once I reboot my PC it goes back from 1600x1200 instead

of my native resolution of 1920x1200.... Please help, as Ive been trailing the net all day (SAD) I know...

Im using the bridge, so all good.

My board is MSi P55 GD65

CPU: i5 750 2.66Ghz

4Gb Ram. x 2x2=4

I'm happy both cards are working and under stress test get max 61c, min 25c

Ive tried enabling both card with my DVI Cable... yes both work.

However only when I enable SLI in nvidia control panel, it works brilliant until I reboot my PC. (Win 7 64)

message comes up you do not have nvidia GPU's installed on your motherboard. etc.

If anyone can help me fix it, I will send them a free modern PC game... cheers Dave.
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  1. I'm assuming you're using driver 258.96? You could also try uninstalling all of the drivers, restarting, and then reinstalling them all again.

    Which port do you have the DVI cable hooked into? It should go into the top port on the first card.
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