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I have two 2 terrabyte hard drives in my HTPC. I recently opened up the case and I noticed that the hard drives are extremely hot to touch.

Is this normal?

If it isn't, what type of fan should I get? A hard drive fan or a case fan (there isn't any case fans)?

Thanks for your help, guys.
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  1. That would mean I have to take apart my computer. I am hoping to avoid such a drastic measure.
  2. Are you able to add fans to your case? And could you space your hard drives apart any?
  3. I've got an HTPC case so it's long and thin. I guess you are saying that a hard drive fan wouldn't be sufficient?
  4. A fan for the hard drives would keep them cool
  5. um typically HDD don't get "burn ur skin" hot...
  6. Lets start with What case do you have? So we can look it up and have a better idea of what you are dealing with. this will allow us to better help you.
  7. It's not hot enough to burn but extremely unpleasant. And with the 2 hard drives right next to each other, it's giving me cause for concern....
  8. Thanks for the help.

    The case is a Silverstone Milo ML03.

    To a newbie like me, it looks like it's going to be very difficult to put in any substantive cooling.
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    That case has room for 4-80mm fans so you could probably try putting a few more in, fans are relatively cheap, just know that it is most likely going to increase noise depending on what fans you buy.
  10. Use a hardware monitor to check your hard drive temps. Temps up to 60C should be fine. Tests have shown that too low a temp causes more failures than high temps due to lubricants being less effective at lower temps. My hard drives are currently operating at around 30C. My two drives have a single empty slot between them.
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